Lumify X9 Flashlight Review: Flashlight is actually very important and everyone must have it. Especially if you are going in the dark, in the stormy weather, or you are in the dark room then you definitely need a flashlight. However there are many people who don’t consider he features of flashlights. A flashlight must not switch off at the times when you need it the most. Also, it should be of high beam so that you can see the things ever far away. I have a flashlight that has a number of features and I like all of these features. It is Lumify X9 Flashlight. Let’s review about its features here:

What is Lumify flashlight and what are the features of Lumify X9 Flashlight?

Lumify X9 Flashlight is an easy to carry torch that is very light in weigh and comes in outstanding features.

The features of Lumify X9 Flashlight are as follows:

It has compressed length of 5.5” and an extended length of 6.6”.

It is consisted of three different AAA batteries.

It is available in 5 different modes that are SOS, high, medium, low and strobe.

Its composition is based on aircraft-grade aluminum.

The output of its light is 800 lumens.

It also provides you with SOS strobe settings. In this feature, the light gets on and off rapidly to show the emergency services.

It has an adjustable focus beam and it also has zoom capability.

Then why not to choose such a great device! Just go for it!

Who is the manufacturer of this device?

This flashlight is actually the product of a company that is named as Lumify flashlights. This company claims that all these flashlights are actually designed in the United State however there are no any claims if these are actually manufactured in the United States. The company is also offering customer support to its customers on the website and this customer support team is located in California. You can contact the customer support anytime on their email address. If you are interested in getting any further information about the manufacturer of the company then you can visit the official website of the company.

What about it’s pricing?

The pricing of different plans is different. You are provided with different options actually. Like you can buy as minimum as one flashlight and even you can buy up to 20 flashlights in one order. The cost of one flashlight is $79 and in this plan, there is no discount. If you buy two flashlights, you will pay $97, for the three lights, you will pay $119, for the four lights, you will pay $169, for the five lights you will be charged $145, for the 10 lights, you will need to pay $350 and if you buy 10 flashlights, you will pay $700. Hence you can save a lot of money if you buy more flashlights in one order. Now you might be thinking that you need only one flashlight then why you will spend money on getting more than one! Actually, when I had to purchase it and I found that the more lights I buy, the more discounts I will get, I discussed about it with my friends and convinced them also to buy it. Hence we bought 10 lights in one order, one light for everyone and we enjoyed the discount on it. So I am giving you an idea how you can get the discount!

How to buy it?

To buy Lumify X9 Flashlight, you will have to register your order on the official website of the company that is being owned by the team of professionals. These professionals are always ready to welcome you on the website with an open heart. You will have to register yourself and then to register your order there and then the product will take almost 3 or 4 days to reach you. Actually the company has to process many orders at the same time and the delivery also takes time. Overall the procedure of buying it is very simple and you don’t have to worry about anything. N case of any query, the team will be there to provide you answers and solutions.

Does it worth it?

Many people think if they spend money on this device, will it worth it or not! For all those people, my suggestion is that it definitely worth it. Within just a little money, you are getting such a valuable device with a number of features. Even this flashlight is very suitable to use for the police and military forces all around the world. When compared to its competitor flashlights, it leads in terms of its features. Hence if you spend your money on this device, it will be like an asset for you. You will not be wasting or spending your money but you will actually be investing your money to get this great asset.

My experience with Lumify X9 Flashlight:

I have personally used Lumify X9 LED flashlight and I am very much satisfied with its outstanding features. It is very light and easy to carry and so I always keep it in my bag. It helps me in most of the times when I am outside in the dark night or if I am in any dark room of my home. I is available I five different modes. I use different modes in different situations. I don’t think so that company is charging any extra money. The price is really fair in comparison of its features. I had experience with some other flashlights as well but I have found Lumify flashlight the most unique. I have been using it for three months and still it is in its best condition. Its composition is really good and so you don’t have to worry about anything. Whenever I have to go somewhere, it is always been my partner. I keep it either in my car or in my bag and I feel very safe by having this flashlight with me.